Lightbulb Moments

As with most cities, every so often its dwellers crave a bit of escape. A touch of greenery, perhaps. A quiet exhibition.

If you live in Edinburgh, you can – for one month only! – enjoy a delicious combination of both. Hurrahhhhh.

Until the 24th of November, the Botanic Gardens are displaying a light show every night from 4.30pm. Designed by artists Malcolm Innes and Euan Winton, ‘Night in the Garden’ transforms the already idyllic gardens into a phosphorescent Eden. Features include a fragmented mirror reflecting the night sky, a chandelier constructed from man-made materials such as CDs and plastic bottles, and a “pool of serenity”, lit from within by sparkling undertones.

As much about darkness as it is about light, ‘Night in the Garden’ reminds us of the natural world that surrounds us, and encourages us to appreciate our environment, and to consider the impact nature has on us and vice versa. A truly enchanting experience and one which I won’t forget in a hurry!

And hey, if it’s not your thing, their cafe sells a lot of mulled wine and beer, if you wanted to lose yourself in your surroundings in a different way. Winning all round.



2 thoughts on “Lightbulb Moments

  1. Look forward to visiting the Botanic Gardens by night- a great idea! Enjoyed the experience of the ‘Enchanted Forest’ in the Faskally Wood at Pitlochry.

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