Hair Today…. Hair tomorrow.

hairy-legs-in-heelsIn the world of social media, there has been a substantial focus on the emergence of a new trend in recent weeks: hair. And I ain’t talking about the stuff on your head. ‘The Hairy Legs Club’ is an online community encouraging women to ditch the razors and reconnect with their inner werewolf.

Thrilling? Or just Thriller? Hmmmm…

While I agree with the fundamental concept – hair is a natural thing, why should women have to conform to male society’s ideas of what we should look like, yada yada yada, it all seems a bit been there done that. The ‘70s is well remembered for its hippy overtones; it was a decade which saw a whole lotta hair, on heads and beyond (but let’s not go into too much detail). It was also a time of bra swinging, Birkenstocks and the replacement of skirts in favour of trousers, on the grounds of gender equality.

Since then, the face of feminism has taken on a new identity. Rather than compromising our appearance in order to be taken seriously, women now embrace their femininity while retaining feminist values. This comes leaps and bounds ahead of forty years ago, when it seemed that to follow certain social expectations regarding personal upkeep –ie the removal of body hair – was to ‘give in’ to social pressure and submit to our male counterparts.

While I am all for a bit of retro fashion in the twenty-first century, ‘The Hairy Legs Club’ is one old school club that I won’t be joining. This is not because I feel the pressure to ‘conform’ to society, but because I feel that the world has progressed enough that women now have freedom of choice in regards to our appearance. Whether its our legs or our heads that we decide to shave, the beauty is that it is entirely our decision, and one that cannot be dictated. Over and out!

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